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Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue

Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue

Spring is finally here! New Yorkers are so happy they’re practically skipping to work (or maybe it’s just me)! The flowers around the city are beautiful this time of year, and nothing beats the flowers that sprout up on Park Avenue during the spring. Check out these photos from Town and Country that prove Park Avenue is the best place to take a spring stroll.

I snapped this photo with a friend during a lunchtime walk around the office yesterday. I wish you could smell these white lilies through the computer. If you’re lucky enough to live in New York City, I hope you’ll take a walk during your lunch break today.

Nobody enjoys spring walks around town as much as Hudson… I can’t wait to get home and take him for a long walk. Happy Thursday (and Happy Spring)!



Cotton and Cider

Cotton and Cider

My groom and I ended our two-year anniversary celebration last night at home with cake and bubbles. The bubbles came from CVS this year (in the form of sparkling cider). Our little party is growing this October, and we could not be more thrilled to meet our little bundle in six short months!

On our anniversary last year, we decided (after eating every last bite of our defrosted cake topper), that we would eat wedding cake and drink champagne each year on our anniversary. So far, it’s been a pretty easy tradition to stick with, and it’s only fair that Hudson gets at least one bite

Cider 3

Year two is the cotton anniversary, so I gave Stephen a box of cotton handkerchiefs from Brooks Brothers. I had each handkerchief monogrammed during my lunch break at Embroidme in Midtown. The hankies will come in handy as our lives get a little stickier (and so much sweeter) this fall.

Cider 2

Oh, and I have one final tradition that I plan to stick with after last night — I will never ever buy fake champagne again. Yuck!

I would love to hear about your favorite traditions or celebrations… Leave a comment below! Chin chin!

It Had To Be You…

It Had To Be You…

Two years ago today, I woke up to a perfect spring day in East Texas. I spent the morning eating brunch at a family friend’s beautiful home with my bridesmaids, while Stephen and his groomsmen ate fried chicken and drank beer at a ranch outside of town. Several hours later, we were married. The ceremony took place in my childhood church where my parents were married, and the reception was hosted at my parent’s house.

As I walked to work on this spring day in NYC, I can still remember the excitement and love we felt on our wedding day. The day after our wedding, we were off to Caneel Bay for our honeymoon, and everyday since has felt like a honeymoon. It had to be you, Stephen. I love you.


Defrosting in Miami

Defrosting in Miami

After a weekend of sunshine and temps above 40*, we now find ourselves back in the midst of cold, dreary and rainy weather this week. I don’t know how we survive these winters year after year, but I think Miami helps…

Getting to Miami from NYC is easier (and sometimes quicker) than taking a cross town bus. Since we are ending another dreary week in NYC, I thought I’d share the few iPhone photos from one of our trips to Miami this past winter. At the very least, it is a reminder that the sun is still up there (somewhere).


We hopped around South Beach lounging at our favorite hotels and ate at some great restaurants, but the casual Cuban restaurants are always our favorite meals when we’re in town.


Water in Miami

Maimi Cover

Looking forward to warm Miami weather soon in NYC! After writing this post, I am officially on a hunt for the perfect Cuban sandwich in Manhattan. Please leave any suggestions in the comments below!

Have a warm weekend!

China is Fabulous (and not just for old ladies)

China is Fabulous (and not just for old ladies)

It’s April! On this month two years ago, Stephen and I recited some vows and had a party with our closest friends in family. Our wedding day was the best day of my life, which started the best two years of my life as Stephen’s wife. I plan to share wedding posts all month as a celebration of our second anniversary.

This is a photo of the china closet in my parent’s house in Texas. There is so much history and love in each and every piece in this closet.

For a bride, picking a china pattern should be just as important as picking the wedding dress. I still remember when I laid eyes on this Bernardaud china. I instantly knew this was the one for me. I love the birds, the gold and how it’s very modern yet timeless.


This is my mom’s wedding china – Wedgwood Kutani Crane. I love that her china has birds on it (like mine!).

Mom's China
This was my grandmother “B’s” china – Bracelet Old Ivory Syracuse. I love that her china is gold (like mine!). I remember instantly feeling like an adult eating on this china, even if I was sitting at the kid’s table. Isn’t it amazing that this is still so beautiful and current, even though it was purchased in the 1940s?

B's China 1.2

B's China 1.1

This final china also belonged to my grandmother B. It’s Montgomery Ward. She and her group of friends each started collecting this pattern at the same time so that together they would have over 200 place settings. Can you imagine anything more glam than knowing that between your group of friends, you could entertain 200 guests on the same china pattern?

B's China 2

Make memories this weekend by inviting friends over and using your favorite china. Remember – don’t put your grandmother’s china in the dishwaster, and wait until the morning for hand washing. I find my hands get extra slippery after a night of bubbles entertaining… Cheers! Keep your elbows off the table!