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The first snow of the year is always exciting in New York City, but when you live in a city where that remarkable snow tends to last until late February (and sometimes March), it is always nice to get a little vitamin D before you start getting those “is it still cold up there” texts from your friends and family in the south.


We spent a week walking the beach, drinking syrupy drinks during the day and good wine at night. We finished a few books and more than a few bottles of spray sunscreen.


This trip is just what we needed to prepare for the long awaited, long lasting winter in the northeast.


I love having a little sand in my suitcase from beach vacations; it is like finding cash or your favorite lipstick in the pocket of an old jacket.

With months of jacket season ahead of us, I look forward to making soups, staying in, watching old movies and listening to cozy tunes with my boys. Stay warm, y’all.