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Since the summer after the 2nd grade, I spent nearly every June at an all girls camp in the Texas Hill Country (picture the parent trap but better). Having a June birthday at camp meant I was able to make one birthday call to my parents from the office phone, and being allowed to use the phone was a very big deal. During each birthday call, my parents would ask me the same question: “What do you want to do when you get home?” Every year, my answer was always the same: “I want to take a bath.” Showering (especially in flip flops) has never been my thing. I love baths; Hudson, on the other hand, hates taking baths (click here for a photo).

So, if you’re like me and a bath lover, there is only one product you must go get now: Fresh – Sugar Lemon Bath Cubes. They are heavenly and will turn your nightly routine into a luxury within seconds. I have been using these for years, and there is truly nothing better.


Another way to enhance your bath experience is to make your own pot of Lemon Ginger Tea. Click here for the fancy way to make this, or just boil water in the microwave and add a few thin slices of ginger root and a squeeze of lemon. It’s the perfect thing to sip before bedtime because it soothes your stomach (and it’s clear so it will not stain your teeth).

If this post and the freezing weather aren’t enough to make you want to take a bath tonight, read this old article from XOJane (I love that Tinsley Mortimer turned her shower into a closet, since she only uses her bathtub – a party girl after my own heart), or watch this famous bathtub scene. Now go start your bath water (and have a great weekend)!

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