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It’s too cold to do anything but write thank you notes, while sipping a little splash of your best tequila and eating popcorn with a sprig of rosemary.


I dropped my last bundle of holiday thank you notes in the mail this morning, and I thought I’d share my tips on writing the perfect thank you note (and avoiding a few common mistakes).

What you’ll need: A good pen that writes well. Nice stationary (read this article if you are interested in updating your stationary wardrobe). A stamp.

What you’ll write: Start your note by thanking the recipient; then, elaborate a tad on the gift. Include one or two more sentences about something relevant to your relationship with the recipient but unrelated to the gift. Sign your name in cursive.

What you’ll avoid: Be sincere; for example: a frying pan is not the “most amazing thing ever” a frying pan “will be put to good use.” And, remember that thank you notes are short, so you do not have to mention the gift again in the last sentence… Once again, thanks for the Legos.


Is it just me or does sending mail seem even more vintage and glam with these fantastic brass letter boxes in the lobby of my office building? Happy Humpday…and don’t forget to check the mail (cue the music)!

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