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Call me crazy, but I always get excited when it’s time to take down my Christmas decorations. Hudson mostly gets excited for trips the p-a-r-k, which is why he was none too pleased when we tied him to this pile of trees for a photo on our way to central park this weekend. Hudson doesn’t bark often, but he has strange way of communicating with his eyes (haha).


Taking down Christmas decorations is pretty simple when you live in a little apartment in the city. With the help of our doorman, we covered the tree with a big bag, took it down the freight elevator and drug it down the sidewalk to hang out with these other trees.

Growing up, un-decorating was involved. I have specific memories of re-wrapping each sterling Reed & Barton ornament in an anti-tarnish cloth, which seemed completely excessive. My mom assured me that I would one day appreciate the collection of sterling ornaments I received each year engraved with my name and date, and of course, she’s right, as mothers always are.

Saying goodbye to the tree is easy, but I cannot throw out Christmas cards (not immediately, at least). I shuffled ours around the floor this weekend so Stephen, Hudson and I could get one more look before putting them away.


Hanging onto anything when you live in less than 700 square feet doesn’t make much sense, but I’ll add hoarding cards to my list of nonsense for now. Happy New Year!

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