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Good morning from a very exhausted mom with two under two. We recently welcomed our second daughter, Ellis Anne (Ellie), into the world only 20 months after we met our first daughter, Evelyn Elizabeth (Libby). In January 2015, I had some plans for the new year. I had big plans to start this blog, find a new apartment (remember this) and take on a big project at work. I also had little plans to get really into yoga and start washing my hair more often.

Two years later, I have two little girls, a new job and a new outlook on life. My hair is still dirty and I’m pretty sure I lost my yoga mat during our move. The blogging thing didn’t really work out either. And I’m incredibly grateful.

I hope you’ll follow along as I try to start blogging again. Let’s take the time to read our babies an extra bedtime story tonight, and have a glass of wine in the good glasses that have to be hand-washed. We’ll start fresh again tomorrow. Photos were taken during a recent trip to Texas.