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Toodles: Sandra The Neighbor

Toodles: Sandra The Neighbor

Stephen and I have been tangled in packing tape, boxes and dust for the past two weeks during our apartment move (more blog posts about the new place to come). And while was hard to leave our first married apartment, it was even harder to leave our next door neighbor, Sandra.

A few days before the movers arrived, Hudson and I spent the evening chatting with Sandra and snapping a few photos. Meet Sandra, our next door neighbor (and so much more).


You’ve lived in this apartment for a long time, how do you keep it looking so current? I like change, and I consider myself current. I have always been ahead. I split my time between Paris and New York. I get bored with routines, and I like to do something a little different everyday, which includes changing things in my apartment and living in my two favorite cities.

Even if you don’t have a routine you stick with, there has to be something that you do everyday besides brush your teeth, right? Well, yes, I write everyday. I kept a journal everyday for 10 years – see the leather bound notebooks on the top shelf of my bookcase? I always travel with a notebook and a pen. I love to write. I have to write.

Writing is more than something you love, it’s what you do, so tell us about that. Yes, I am a playwright. I was the first woman to produce an American play in Paris (written in French). The play is about an employment agency, and it is still the most produced female written play in Paris.

Why the employment agency? What was your inspiration? I was an office temp at an employment agency for a period of time in New York City, and I took notes during the job. The play has been translated to English, and I am sending it to producers in America.

What do you enjoy most about living in New York? I like that you can do anything quickly here. People understand that you’re in a hurry, and people are respectful of that…unless, of course, you’re trying to mail a letter at the post office. (The post office is a nightmare, and we miss you already, Sandra!!) 

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